Automatic control system design

Automatic control system design

     Recently, Automatic control became the novel trend. Through unmanned production to achieve production uniformity and standard operating procedures.

     In this environment where you must compare the baht and baht, every expenditure is worthy of being recorded and considered, so as to reduce energy consumption and increase the room for profit.

     Ching Ye focus on assist client monitoring boiler consumption. Through analyzing data, we help client to grasp all the expense. Not only including energy consumption, but also boiler water supply, and the consumption of electricity.

     We make the data visualized, and match with systematic integration, help client trace every expense, to check which is unnecessary.

     As a distributor of SIEMENS HVAC department, Ching Ye combined various fields knowledge to push many procedure progress. Corresponding with big data analysis and industry 4.0, we have completed many engineering, especially for fiber and paper industry.

     Ching Ye also developed mobile phone instant alarming system, once there's any problem happened at production line, engineer could rush to site and solve the problem.