International cooperation vendor

International cooperation vendor

Riello Group the organizational model focuses on industrial processes and product quality, independent operation, effective business strategies and service benefits. Riello Group has been focusing on the production of core products "Burners", and has become the world's largest and most advanced burner manufacturer. In addition, Riello has a modern and efficient organizational structure that integrates high-level technical, industrial and commercial capabilities. The key to the company's success lies in the use of a holistic approach to design each machine part, produce different products, and "tailor-made" products for customers when necessary.

Riello Group has a production plant of nearly 50,000 square meters in Italy, and an additional R&D center of about 5,000 square meters.
In addition to local plants, Riello also has facilities in Canada, China, and Poland. The production and R&D plant has the world's largest production capacity of combustion equipment and is committed to the research and development of first-line technology and thermal energy equipment.

Riello has 13 subsidiaries all over the world, and has distributors or agents in 120 countries around the world, with a huge market share.

Riello Group’s main products are burner applications, ranging from boilers in power plants to thermal energy for people’s livelihoods, covering a wide range of life.

In recent years, it has integrated a complete set of equipment in combination with the automation control system and the industry 4.0 big data analysis to cater to the market trend.

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