About the boiler

  • About boiler's type

    As I've said before, we separated the boiler type about mainly three types, which is Hot water boiler, Steam boiler, Thermal oil boiler.
    I would follow this path to introduce.

    Hot water boiler:
    In general there have hot water boiler at high latitude like north Europe, Canada etc. for household warming system.
    Hot water boiler tends to daily using, whenever you need warming or bath showering, it would be good company.
    Moreover, Hot water boiler could just reach the water temperature is 100℃ or less, so it seems more proper to take it in daily using.

    Steam boiler:
    Steam boiler could divided to two kinds of boiler. Water tube steam boiler and Fire tube steam boiler.
    It's decided by the heat up method that boiler giving to.
    (1) Fire tube steam boiler:
    Using flue gas to heat up the water outside the tube, Fire tube steam boiler is named and it's more popular than water tube boiler in Taiwan's market.
    (2)Water tube steam boiler:
    water is in the tube be heat up by flame outside the tube, combustion chamber's flame giving radiant heat to complete. 
    Water tube boiler often be used in food industry and daily industry those which need to more care about the medium.

    Thermal oil boiler:
    Since Thermal oil's Boiling point is higher than steam, it's more fitable with those who need higher temperature to complete the production line.
    Thermal oil boiler is often using in fiber industry and chemical industry.
    Although the specific is different from oil to oil, thermal oil still could accept more latent heat than steam and water do. 
  • What is boiler?

    Boiler system is the most important system in industry.
    It could provide manufacturer power to push equipments operation.

    Boiler also act as a heart in production line.
    By providing heat through Steam, Thermal oil etc this kind of medium, boiler would give the production line power to operate.

    Boiler could be divided to three mainly type in industry which is Hot water boiler, Steam boiler, Thermal oil boiler.
    Their difference comes from their heat up medium.