Industrial boiler improvement assessment


Industrial boiler improvement assessment

Greening and carbon reduction leader

Belief came first, and then supplement the professional knowledge, can finally become a leader. Ching Ye Co., Ltd. is contributing to assist boiler greening and carbon reduction. After continuous research and hard work, We can provide customers with extremely accurate assessments. "One minute on stage, ten years iff stage." after experiencing once and once hard working, finally won the industry's leading position.

Evaluation process

• Initial contact to understand customer needs

• Visit the client to evaluate the site based on needs

• Propose improvement plans based on customer opinions

• Proposal, contract, schedule improvement project

• Project completion, achievement acceptance

Use trust to winning point

  Ching Ye continues to maintain a good relationship with customers, regularly assists in maintaining equipment, knowing customer's needs and satisfing them in advance, so now come and buy the future with the highest CP value for production and corporate efficiency.


Consult now and get the future with the highest CP value!