Mechanical proportional Control

RLS/M MZ series-dual fuel burner

RLS/M MZ series-dual fuel burner

RLS/M MZ series's design followed the EN 676 Class II, its more environmental friendly. Output rate from 1100 to 2460 kW/h.
  • Riello RLS/M MZ series-dual fuel burner

RLS/M MZ Series

RLS/M MZ series is dual fuel burner.
Its output rate from 1100 to 2460 kW/h
RLS/M MZ series is designed for considered factory who want to prevent any one kind of fuel shortage.
To avoid boiler couldn't operate cause by fuel shortage.
RLS/M MZ is mechanical proportional control type, could fit the requirement of the site working that needed accurate output control.

※Burner design standard is according to EU legislation EN267 Class II and EN676 Class III.
※Attention that Dual fuel burner isn't using both fuel at same time, it could switch the fuel type to prevent the other fuel is shortage.

Basic information

Model:RLS 190/M MZ、RLS 250/M MZ
Control method:Mechanical proportional control
Output rate:390-11500 kW
Voltage:refer to below table
Fuel   :(1)Natural Gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas(Suggest to install LPG kit extra)
     (2)Light oil, Diesel
NOx emission value:(1) ≦ 60 ppm (120 mg/kWh) (Natural Gas/LPG)
                 (2) ≦ 95 ppm (185 mg/kWh) (Light oil)

Model RLS 190/M MZ RLS 250/M MZ
Control method Mode Mechanical Propotional Control
Output rate kW 550-2150 550-2460
Voltage Ph/Hz/V 3 / 50 / 230-400~ (±10%) 3 / 50 / 230-400~ (±10%)
Motor consumption kW 4.5 5.5
Oil pump consumption kW 0.55
Noise level dB(A) 82.5 (Natural Gas)85 (Light oil) 83 (Natural Gas)85.4 (Light oil)
NOx value ppm 60 (Natural Gas) ; 92.5 (Diesel)